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About Us

Homestead Woodworkers has been in business for 30 years and we have produced some of the finest animal shelters in NZ over the years from dog kennels and catteries to aviaries,

We use only top quality materials and workmanship, reflected by our many customer referrals. Aesthetically built to look great on your property.  
Now semi retired but wish to keep our hand in and keep NZ's pets in the comfort they deserve. 


Our Speciality

  • Are combination kennel and run in one unit. These are the ultimate in dog kenneling 1/3rd kennel, 2/3rds run, featuring:Padlockable doors at either end 
  • Tanalised deck flooring throughout the whole unit
  • Mini corrugated iron over ply on the roof
  • Stainless fastenings glued where appropriate for extra strength 
  • Raised off the ground for good  air circulation 
  • Custom made galvanised flashings on all exterior joints.



Stock sizing are 5 sizes, Mini to Supa Large
Alternatively, we can custom make to your requirements

Small combination kennel and run

Small Combination kennel and run



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8am - 5pm Monday - Friday

Other times by appointment